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Hardware & Trouble Shooting




Session 1:
I. History of Computer
II. Uses of Computer
III. Generation of Computer

Session 2:
I. Component of Computer
II. Description of Components

Session 3:
I. Main board
II. Main board Components
III. Specification of Main board

Session 4:
II. Specification of RAM

Session 5:
I. Processor
II. Architecture of Processor
III. Generation of Processor

Session 6:
I. Operating System
II. Operating system generation
III. Description of Various OS
Session 7:
I. Installation of OS
II. Description of Driver
III. Driver Installation

Session 8:
I. Hardware Assembly

Session 9:
I. Types, Generation of Processor
II. Matching of Processor, Main board & RAM

Session 10:
I. Troubleshooting
II. Advanced Troubleshooting

Session 11:
I. Over cloaking
II. Theory of Over cloaking

Session 12:
I. Processor Over cloaking
II. RAM Over cloaking

Session 13:
I. Advanced Troubleshooting
II. Practical Troubleshooting