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Accounting Software Tally



What is Accounting

Accounting Concept

Practical procedure of accounts maintaining

Different between manual and computerized accounts

 About accounting software & Installation

Introducing  to Tally start up Screen


Company Creation

Company Alteration

Company Delete

Open a Previously created company

Discuss about Chart of Account

Create/Display/Alter Group

Create/Display/Alter ledger

Create some ledger without opening balance


Discuss about Inventory Management

Create/Display/Alter unit of measurement

Create/Display/Alter Stock Group

Create/Display/Alter Stock Categories

Create/Display/Alter Stock Item

Create some Item without opening balance


Accounting voucher entry:

Payment /Received/Contra/Journal

Purchase/Sales/Purchase Return/Sales Return

View Accounting related reports


Inventory Voucher Entry:

Stock Journal, Stock Transfer, Production Voucher, Physical stock Voucher.

View Inventory related reports


Automatic Creation of Financial Accounting Statement

Trial Balance

Profit & Loss A/c

Balance Sheet

Stock Summary

Accounts Book

Day Book

Cash Book

Bank Book

Ledger wise Report

Statements of Accounts

Inventory Book

Statements of Inventory


Cash Flow and Fund Flow

Ratio Analysis

Report Print and Configure


How to create cost center/profit Centre

Cost Centre wise report

Budget & Control

How to Create a Budget

Alter a Budget

Budget, Actual & Variance

Multi Currency


Maintaining Multiple Godown

Maintaining Bill wise details

Maintaining Order processing


Raw Material Consumption and Finish goods productions

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Standard Rate

Multiple Price labels

Separate discount column

Re Order Levels


L/C Management




Multiple company consolidation procedure

Backup and Restore

 Import &  Export of Data

 Report Design into Excel

Password & Security Control

Final Exam