About Us

EXTECH IT, the first established IT company in Bangladesh, started its journey in 2000 and today it has become a leading service and development IT company in Bangladesh. Over the past 22 years, EXTECH IT has provided training to approximately 50,000 boys and girls, including more than 200 military and civilian organizations, at nominal fees and in some cases free of charge. Among them RAB, Bangladesh Police, Bangladesh Army, people from different banks, different Govt. and private organizations are notable. After all, EXTECH IT in 2005 provided outsourcing courses to 5,000 working and unemployed girls completely free of charge. After a long hiatus in that series, with that old vow, EXTECH IT is coming back to Shiddeshwari, the heart of traditional education in Dhaka. Once again, we are bringing the vow of free IT training for 1000 different classes of boys and girls.

EXTECH IT has official MOU with many famous IT companies in the world such as: Aptech, Jet King, Waterford, Charisma University and many more. Not only this, with the help of EXTECH IT there is another strong and reputed organization called EXTECH GLOBAL AND IMMIGRATION as Sister Concern In many European countries, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Malaysia and India, EXTECH Global and Immigration is processing all visa requirements for our Bangladeshi students to study abroad with high skills and reputation. We are working on visa processing in Canada, UK, USA without any service charge. Extech Global and Immigration has direct agreements with more than 100 different universities and colleges in the mentioned countries. Not only that, EXTECH GLOBAL AND IMMIGRATION is providing genuine bank solvency support for those students who are financially weak and backward for higher education abroad.

From April 1, 2022, EXTECH IT & EXTECH GLOBAL AND IMMIGRATION is going to start its journey in Shiddeshwari, Dhaka with an extraordinary faculty with technical training, IT training, Japanese language training, Caregivers training, higher education abroad, more services including bank solvency support and a truly learning-friendly environment. By embarking on this journey, we firmly believe that EXTECH IT & EXTECH GLOBAL AND IMMIGRATION will be a proud partner in the development of the country and the nation.